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Funny Best man Speech
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!
Before I begin I just want to say, I asked Josh before I started writing if there was anything I
should not say, and he said no. So Mel, this is really his fault. I’d like to start by pointing out that
Mel looks radiant today—every bit the beautiful bride. As for Josh... well, my mother always said
if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, right. He tries hard. That’s
Josh..trying..hard..And his personality...his personality it’s great too. It makes up for everything
thats going on up there, in the face area..
Alright, alright let me introduce myself. My name is James, and I’ve known Josh since the
second grade. I am his oldest, most handsome, most personable, most ok, ok I’m his friend.
And I am honored to be here tonight to sing Josh’s praises.
I met Josh when we were both 7 years old. It is not hard to imagine 7-year-old Josh—he had the
same haircut and that same little smile—the one that says he’s always pleased with himself.
When he smiles, its as if he’s thinking back on his many accomplishments. To talk of
accomplishments Josh has had many. From being president of the student body at Wilson
Middle School to getting into and graduating from Stanford University at the top of his class. To
volunteering across the world in Japan helping to build homes and create better infrastructure
for rural communities. Though Josh is not just an all-star he’s an invaluable friend. He’s the kind
of friend who asks you how your day is, and really wants to know. He’s the kind of friend that
pushes you to be a better person. Josh is the kind of friend that answers the phone when you’re
having one of the lowest moments of your life, and he offers to call you a cab to drive you back
to his spot at 3 in the morning, no questions asked. Thank you, man.. As I said, Josh is a man of
many accomplishments and Josh is an amazing friend.
Today, definitely speaks to both this qualities. Today counts as one of Josh’s biggest
accomplishments to date—committing to a woman like Mel— as well as committing to devoting
all of the friendship and love that he has within him to another person, his wife and best friend.
You have always inspired me to be a better person, Josh. Today you lead the way; becoming a
man and starting a family. This is too beautiful to be missed. I might just have to move in to your
new apartment to keep a close watch.. Seriously, though maybe for like two monthsI’m
running I bit behind on rent so (ok, ok we’ll talk about it later). In all seriousness. I wish these
two a lifetime of happiness, the kind of deep growth that comes from loving another being not
yourself, a life of love and continued imagination. It will be an honor for all of us to witness your
journey together.
Lets toast! To this beautiful couple!
Josh, Mel Congratulations.
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Funny Best man Speech