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Gap Analysis Of Food Product Sector
CREDO Krajina is a project nanced by the Swedish International Development Agency – SIDA and
implemented by the Development Agency EDA, Banja Luka, in cooperation with the Association for
Development – Nerda, Tuzla. e aim of the project is improvement of competitiveness of medium and
small size companies in the area of Krajina, in order to create and maintain jobs, reduce poverty and
improve the economic status of this area. e project should support creation of around 200 new jobs
and maintain up to 1000 jobs in the companies/sectors encompassed by the project interventions. e
CREDO Krajina Project lasts for 30 months and it consists of several phases and components. rough
an initial analysis of the priority commercial sectors, a selection of industrial sectors with a signicant
potential for creation of new jobs was done and representatives of companies from these sectors, through
sectoral boards, dened priority needs for advisory assistance and training. Additionally, a part of an ad-
visory and nancial assistance is directly aimed towards the municipalities with intention to signicantly
improve local business environment and establish a permanent and ecient dialogue with the private
is analysis is based on the two previously performed analyses within the CREDO Krajina Project.
e rst one is “Baseline Study of the Industrial Sectors, the aim of which was to explore and identify
the sectors with the biggest potential for growth of competitiveness and growth of employment. On the
basis of this analysis, a decision was brought that the CREDO Krajina Project will focus on the sector of
metal industry, food processing industry, wood industry and leather and footwear industry. e second
analysis is the value chain analysis for food sector. e focus of this analysis was on the production, pro-
cessing, distribution and sales together and this has enabled us to analyze each step in its comparison to
the previous one and to compare it to the next step in the chain. e results of this analysis are being used
to a great extent as a basis for the GAP analysis.
GAP analysis has oered an overview of the situation in the food industry, from the point of view of
comparing the current reality with desirable possibilities oered at the market. GAP analysis is a business
analysis tool, which implies dening of dierences between the current and desired state and manner of
functioning of the branch.
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Gap Analysis Of Food Product Sector