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Garderning Contract
Garderning Contract
The True Jesus Church in Pacifica Gardening Contract Agreement
The True Jesus Church
610 Edgemar Ave,
P.O Box 1776
Pacifica, CA 94044
I, _____________________, agree to do the below gardening tasks as stated
1. Mow all lawn and trim edges once every 2 weeks (on Friday)
2. Remove weeds and moss from lawn and plants.
3. Fertilizing lawn
4. Clean and pick up leaves from walkways and parking lot once
every 2 weeks.
5. Maintain the lawn to the best of my ability.
for the True Jesus Church in Pacifica, for the total sum of $150 per month.
Signature: ____________________________
Date: _______________________________
Contact Info:
Name: __________________
Adress: _________________
Email: __________________
Phone: ________________
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Garderning Contract