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General Hr Questionnaire Template
General Hr Questionnaire Template
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The staff member or supervisor initiates discussion about the staff
member’s role. The current position description (PD) is reviewed to ensure
that it reflects the staff member’s role, responsibilities and additional duties
as appropriate.
A supervisor or staff member may at any time initiate discussions regarding the classification level and
the responsibilities of a position. This may occur during a performance management discussion or at
other times where it is felt that the responsibilities and duties of the position have changed significantly
to consider a reassessment of the position and classification level.
Job evaluation can be considered when the responsibilities and duties of the position have changed
substantially due to one or more of the following criteria:
§ Ongoing significant change(s) to the scope or function required of the
§ Change(s) to the position resulting from the redesign or change(s) to
other jobs that directly affect the focus and/or functions of the position
§ Performance Management discussions between the staff member and
§ Re-allocation of responsibility
Circumstances do not include an increase in the volume of work.
What happens if the parties do not agree with the PD
If the staff member and supervisor cannot agree on the PD the local HR staff member is able to
provide some advice and guidance. The local HR staff member will liaise with the HRU as required to
assist in reaching agreement.
The Cost Centre Manager is responsible for determining the number and nature of all positions in their
area and for ensuring compliance with all aspects of the University’s legislative framework.
The staff member completes the Application for Reclassification/Job
This additional information will be used with the PD to assist all parties reviewing the application to
understand the scope and complexity of the position.
The local HR staff member is available to assist the staff member to complete the questionnaire.
The Application for Reclassification/Job Questionnaire document is available on the HR web:
The local HR staff member facilitates the completion of the Application for
Reclassification/Job Questionnaire with the staff member and supervisor,
and the staff member and supervisor sign the document.
It is important that the staff member and supervisor discuss their responses to the questions and
ideally reach agreement on the responsibilities and requirements of the position.
The supervisor can give valuable input into the documentation as well as provide feedback, support
and clarification of position expectations.
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General Hr Questionnaire Template