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General Partnership Contract Template
0- Index
1-Agency Booking Agreement
2-Agreement of Foreign Agency
3-Agreement of Obligation to pay
4-Artist’s Management Contract
5-Artist’s Management Contract II
6-Artist’s Management Contract III
7-Personal Management Contract
8-Personal Management Contract II
9-Personal Management Contract III
10-Artist / Producer Contract
11-Artist / Master Producer Contract
12-Artist Recording Contract
13-Artist Tech Rider
14-Booking Contract
15-Broad Rights License
16-Broadcast / Recording Contract
17-Broadcast Release
18-Commercial Music Contract
19-Composer’s Contract
20-Concert Performance Contract
21-Co-Publishing Contract
22-Assignment of Copyrights; Publisher to Publisher
23-Assignment of Copyrights; Publisher to Songwriter
24-Assignment of Copyright I
25- Assignment of Copyright II
26- Assignment of Copyright - Short Form
27-Copyright License
28-Copyright License and Contract
29-Distribution Contract
30-Employment Contract
31-Event Sponsorship Contract
32-Event Sponsorship Contract II
33-Exclusive Agent / Musician Contract
34-Exclusive Songwriter Contract
35-Exclusive Songwriter Contract II
36-Film Synchronization Contract
37-Foreign Agency Contract
38-General Partnership Contract
39-Independent Contractor Contract
40-International Marketing Contract
41-International Marketing Contract II
42-Joint Venture Contract; Publisher / Master Producer / Record Co
43-Joint Venture Contract; Publisher / Record Company / Distributor
44-Agreement of Limited Partnership
45-Master Recording License
46-Master Track License
47-Master Use Recording License
48-Mechanical License
49-Mechanical License II
50-Mechanical Rights License
51-Merchandise Licensing Contract
52-Merchandise License Contract
53-Parental Consent Form
54-Partnership Contract
55-Payment Obligation Contract
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General Partnership Contract Template