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Global Supply Chain Manager Resume
Global Supply Chain Manager Resume
12345 Oak Drive | Saints Creek, KS 12345 | Cell: 877-875-7706 | Home: 877-875-7706 |
Creates business process improvement, utilizing entrepreneurial vision, technological
understanding, and exceptional relationship management fostering revenue growth, cost savings,
and improved productivity.
Visionary senior supply chain director with expertise in international business development, cross-functional team
leadership, and competitive market positioning, delivering positive outcomes with strong and sustainable gains.
Talented and inventive professional with a proven track record of accelerating revenue growth through strategic and
tactical development of transportation networks and process improvement driving revenue growth, cost savings, and
market development. Sought out by Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and universities to lend
expertise and implement strategic planning initiatives, while maintaining outstanding working relationships in all
areas of production. Identifies and capitalizes on emerging business ventures to propel an organization to the top tier
of its industry.
Core Knowledge & Skills:
Operational Leadership
Process Improvement
Revenue Generation
Technical Instruction
Strategic Planning
Competitive Market Positioning
Lean Techniques
Value Stream Mapping
6 Sigma Understanding
Business Integration
Data Mining & Visualization
Contingency Engineering
CONFIDENTIAL, Saints Creek, KS 2006- Present
Senior Director- Global Network Planning
Conceptualized, formulated, and established business process improvement through the acquisition of global
transportation networks. Identified and captured opportunities for new business development and market growth by
expanding into new venues. Challenged to build new market presence while reengineering and expanding existing
transportation and distribution, increasing client base and improving corporate brand recognition. Formulated,
designed, and developed long-range cost reduction and building plans, improving European Region distribution.
Initiated the establishment of a department to address global solutions and expand channels. Customized and created
technology to solve logistics and support improvement. Directed and consolidated staff improving corporate
communications and business initiatives.
Selected Accomplishments:
¾ Generated savings of $45M annually through the innovative merger of the freight forwarding and UPS airline
¾ Created $15M in cost savings through the initiation of continuous improvement metrics and processes for
Expedited Less than Truckload (LTL) network.
¾ Saved $3.6M in annual costs through the redesign of U.S. Less than Container Load (LCL) network, improving
time and reliability.
¾ Saved $2.3 M in pilot phase of European Region transportation cost reduction plan.
¾ Implemented a European Region long-range business plan, avoiding $83M in potential
construction costs.
CONFIDENTIAL, Saints Creek, KS 2000- 2006
Director of Strategic Planning
Identified opportunity, structured partnerships, and captured emerging business ventures through market expansion
and strategic acquisitions. Spearheaded transportation solutions for the automotive industry, segmenting and defining
areas for improvement in distribution performance, creating revenue growth. Integrated major transportation
companies developing new transportation networks and technology to sustain it. Cultivated relationships consulting
for Fortune 500 corporations and military agencies examining performance, analyzing data, generating solutions, and
incorporating technology in support of new business strategies, creating process ownership to ensure client and
corporate satisfaction. Transitioned strategy into tactical plans in cooperation with senior executives developing
products, plans, and policies to drive market growth and maintain corporate continuity.
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Global Supply Chain Manager Resume