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Government & Military Flyer Newsletter
Government & Military Flyer Newsletter
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Digital Transformation in the Cockpit
The amount and complexity of information
now available to the military pilot in the
cockpit has grown exponentially over the
last several years. Thus, aircrews require
a better way to channel and organize the
essential information required to meet
mission objectives. In addition, military
organizations require a way to ensure the
delivery of the right digital mission package
to the right aircraft and the right aircrew.
Information delivery to the cockpit and
information management in the cockpit
is critical to the success of today’s
military operation.
The Jeppesen Military Electronic Flight Bag
A suite of mission management tools that enables full digital transformation of information in the cockpit,
increases situational awareness and enhances safety and mission effectiveness
The Jeppesen Military
Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
The Jeppesen Military EFB provides modular
and bundled software application and
information management solutions, enabling
information management for transport, tanker,
maritime patrol, VIP, special mission, and
other aircraft to operate smoothly in today’s
networked operations environment. Jeppesen
Military EFB software applications and Data
Distribution Management (DDM) infrastructure
provide cross-platform commonality, reduce
administrative tasks, and connect aircraft to
the flow of digital information that defines
today’s military operations
What is an EFB
Electronic Flight Bags are electronic systems
designed to display aviation and mission data in
the cockpit. Jeppesen collaborates with multiple
hardware vendors and installers to provide
a comprehensive Military EFB solution. EFB
Classes are defined by the United States Federal
Aviation Administration in Advisory Circular,
AC 120-76A, summarized here:
Class 1 – Portable equipment with restrictions
on usage, connectivity to aircraft power and
other aircraft systems.
Class 2 – Hardware attached to the aircraft
by a mounting device that may be connected to
aircraft power and data ports.
Class 3 – An installed system that requires
AIR approval.
Jeppesen is the first and only supplier to offer
operationally-approved EFB applications for all
three classes of EFB, and we have developed
production solutions for both Airbus and Boeing
commercial airframes. We are also the first
and only company to have navigation charts
deployed on EFB systems in commercial revenue
flight and military operations.
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