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Software, Data Services, and Data Management and
Delivery Systems
The Jeppesen Military EFB is a solution consisting of software, standard
and tailored data services, data management and delivery systems, and
related support. Jeppesen’s software application bundle is comprised of:
Optimized Application Manager: framework software with a Human-
Machine Interface optimized for flight deck operation
Airport Moving Map: the industry’s only operationally-approved
moving map offering taxi position awareness in the airport
ground environment
Moving Map for Government & Military Users (enroute):
a comprehensive moving map application for enhancement of situational
awareness during mission execution
Jeppesen Terminal Charts: vector-based, world-wide digital terminal
chart library
Document Browser: digital document management and browsing tool that
enables presentation of different document types and formats
FLIP Chart Viewer: management and display of FLIP terminal charts in a
digital format
Data Distribution & Management System: comprehensive information
management infrastructure that serves as the foundation for
digital transformation
Jeppesen also publishes a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) for
our EFB user community. The SDK enables integration of existing or future
applications into the application management framework on the EFB. With
this capability, users (or their contractors) can integrate practically any
windows-based situational awareness or mission software, such as
FalconView/PFPS or existing mission planning applications, into the
Jeppesen EFB.
A Cost Effective Upgrade Option
Many operators are deploying EFB solutions during ongoing cockpit
and avionics upgrades. When considering the cost of making
modifications to avionics, installing a removable EFB to the side of the
cockpit or on the yoke, in positions where pilots already view and store
their flight publications, may be very cost effective. It also provides an
exceptional platform for enhancing flight deck capabilities in
the future.
Mission Efciency
Military operators around the world are considering significant
savings in weight, document management efforts, and time, in
addition to mission efficiency and effectiveness gains, as they embark
on projects to deploy EFB systems across their fleets. An effective
Military EFB offers considerable value to an operation currently using
paper charting and documents in the aircraft. One of our customers’
most important goals is to reduce or eliminate as much paper from
the cockpit as possible by providing electronic access to all in-flight
publications, manuals, and charts.
The Jeppesen EFB solution provides the ability to perform force or fleet-
wide data management and version control. This means that at any
given level, commanders have the assurance that all their aircrews
Tech Talk
The Jeppesen Moving
Map for Government
& Military Users
Pull all of your government charts, planned
route information, weather and imagery into
one cockpit-optimized and easy to use map
With the addition of the Jeppesen Moving Map
for Government and Military Users to our
Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software bundle, the
Jeppesen Military EFB software suite is ready
for release to our military customers.
The newest component to the software suite
offers one key capability in the military
cockpit – flexibility!
At its core, the Moving Map is digitally
rendered using Jeppesen’s world leading
aeronautical data in a dynamic vector format
that retains the proper orientation of text
and data elements when you manipulate the
map, or when the aircraft heading changes
the map’s orientation. The advantage of this
dynamic framework is that it will allow you
to view any other geo-referenced, graphical
data you wish. This may include government
charts, weather, planned route depiction, even
satellite imagery.
An Example – Exporting a Planned Flight
within Portable Flight Planning Software
to the EFB
One of the concepts of operations we talk
about with our customers is the ability to
plan a flight within Portable Flight Planning
Software (PFPS) and export to the EFB.
You accomplish this by:
1. Saving your planned flight within PFPS to a
thumb drive or other memory media.
2. During your preflight at the aircraft, insert the
thumb drive into the EFB device and open the
Moving Map application.
3. Select the folder icon and you will get a
selection of formats that can be loaded into the
Map. You can load the Jeppesen RoutePack format
if you have exported your mission from any one
of Jeppesen’s mission planning tools, or you can
use the Common Route Definition (.crd) format
used by other mission planning tools like PFPS.
4. Once you have selected the format you will
see a standard Windows
dialogue that will
allow you to navigate to your thumb drive.
5. Select your route and open it. Within a few
seconds your route will appear on the
Moving Map.
The Jeppesen Military EFB
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