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Did You Know
Jeppesen is the First and Only Recipient of FAA Approval
for Moving Maps in Class 2 EFB Devices
In March Jeppesen received FAA approval for our
Airport Moving Map application for Class 2 EFB
devices. We are the first and only company to have
received approval. Jeppesen Airport Moving Map
uses a detailed database to dynamically render maps
of the airport surface, and through the use of GPS
technology, show pilots their position (“own-ship”)
on the airport surface. The result is much improved
positional awareness among flight crews, which is a
critical safety factor for reducing runway incursions
during ground operations at busy airports with
complex runway and taxiway layouts.
Jeppesen recently launched a new corporate logo that reflects the
evolution of the products and services we offer, as well as the company’s
expansion into neighboring transportation markets. While well
known for the Jeppesen Airway Manual
and other products related to
aeronautical navigation, today we offer a broad array of information and
optimization solutions that support navigation, planning and analysis for
air, sea and land operations.
The new Jeppesen logo builds upon the company’s rich heritage by
combining a clean, contemporary symbol with the well-known Jeppesen
logotype. Most noticeable is the transition from the airplane silhouette to
a series of stacked shapes that represent Jeppesen’s forward movement
and the diverse transportation markets it now serves.
Jeppesen has conducted numerous field studies
using simulators and flight crews to validate
the benefit of Airport Moving Map technology
for EFBs. These studies revealed consistent
improvement in pilot performance because flight
crews are better able to anticipate their location
in relationship to runways, taxiways and parking
locations. Additional research by the Commercial
Aviation Safety Team (CAST) estimates that
runway incursions caused by pilot deviations can
be reduced by 50 percent when flight crews have
Airport Moving Map.
Jeppesen Introduces New Corporate Identity
“I believe our new logo communicates the image we want people to
embrace when they think of Jeppesen,” says Mark Van Tine, Jeppesen
president and CEO. “For our marine and rail customers, it speaks to our
commitment to serving them with the same standard of excellence
that our company has been built upon; for our long-standing aviation
customers, the message is that we are much more than ‘just that old
chart company’. In addition to providing mission critical navigational
information, today we use leading-edge technologies to help our
customers optimize their operations as well. In the process, we are able
to help all Jeppesen customers reduce their consumption of resources
and minimize their environmental footprints.”
In the coming months, Jeppesen will be rolling out its new logo across
its brand touch points, including a new website, which is scheduled to
be launched this fall.
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