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Did You Know
“This TSO approval for our Class 2 EFB Airport Moving Map is a very
important milestone for Jeppesen, the FAA and the aviation industry,”
said Rick Ellerbrock, Jeppesen Enterprise Solutions Strategist. “We
have a passionate belief that Airport Moving Map is a critical element
in improving aviation safety and reducing runway incursions. Our
research proved this and now the door is open for airlines and military
flying organizations to begin wide-spread adoption of Airport Moving
Map on both Class 2 and 3 EFBs.”
The Jeppesen Airport Moving Map application has been in use on Class
3 EFBs for almost five years now. Approval of the Class 2 application is
significant because it makes enhanced situational awareness available
to a much larger group of aircraft. Class 2 EFB hardware solutions allow
airlines and military flying organizations to cost effectively retrofit
large fleets of existing aircraft, which, when coupled with Jeppesen
Airport Moving Map, is a major step forward in reducing the risk of
runway incursions.
Continental Airlines is deploying the system on its Boeing 757s, 767s and
737s, using a navAero t-BagC22.
The approval was granted under what is known as an FAA Technical
Standard Orders (TSO). A TSO is a minimum performance standard for
specified materials, parts, and appliances used on civil aircraft. Receiving a
TSO authorization is both design and production approval.
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Director, Client Management
Jeppesen Government and Military Aviation
Greetings from Denver! I hope this letter finds
you and your families safe and sound as you
accomplish your important missions around
the world.
As you know, the primary focus of the
Government and Military Aviation group
at Jeppesen is to build tools and provide
services for our loyal customers that help
them accomplish their missions. Our solution
suite is designed to increase safety, ease crew
workload, and enhance situational awareness.
This quarter’s newsletter is focused on one
of the most important tools in our solutions
suite, the Jeppesen Electronic Flight Bag for the
government and military market. I hope you’ll
find the information we’ve provided on this
tremendous capability both interesting
and informative.
Many of you joined us in Orlando, Florida
in May for our annual EFB customer
symposium. This event was unique in that
we hosted both our airline and government
and military EFB customers together, creating
a unique forum in which our global EFB
customers from all market segments were able
to share lessons learned and best practices
around the deployment and utilization of EFB
technology in an operational environment. Our
customers also benefited from the presence of
representatives from each of the major EFB
hardware providers. Post-event feedback
from the customers indicated that they found
the event to be extremely informative and
helpful. Based on that feedback, we are already
planning a similar EFB symposium for 2009,
which will most likely be held in Europe to
make it easier for our customers on the other
side of the world to attend.
My team also had the opportunity to see many
of you at the Royal International Air Tattoo
air show at the RAF Fairford in the United
Kingdom in July. This year’s event was special
indeed, with the Queen presenting new
colors to the Royal Air Force on their 90th
anniversary. We look forward to seeing
you again at RIAT 2009 (with hopes and
expectations for a less rainy event!).
I’d like to encourage all of you to come see
us at the annual Airlift/Tanker Association
Convention in Anaheim, CA this fall (6-9
November). We are bringing our EFB
simulator this year, providing you the
opportunity to interact with our EFB tool in
a “flying” environment.
My team and I are truly honored to be able
to work for you, our valued customers, as
you execute your important missions around
the world on behalf of the nations you serve.
Keep safe and know the Jeppesen team is
ready to help whenever and wherever we
are needed.
From the Desk of John Kinsman
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