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Government & Military Flyer Newsletter
have the same information, they all have all
the information, and that the information they
have is secure. Value is also gained in the cost
or fuel savings of reduction in the weight of
paper carried on each aircraft, and the reduced
costs of time and resources spent maintaining
a paper distribution infrastructure. Our users
tell us they are confident that the benefits
gained from replacing the paper chain, and the
advantages of digitizing all military cockpits in
a cost effective solution, will be realized well
into the future of any aircraft’s lifecycle.
Situational Awareness, Safety and
Mission Effectiveness
Perhaps most importantly, the value of
enhanced situational awareness and safety
provided by an EFB for the military user is
greater mission effectiveness. The pilot is able
to use the Jeppesen moving maps as well as
similar tools integrated into the EFB framework
as a quick source of validation for avionics
information or instructions from controlling
authorities. Ensuring that aircrews have
better familiarity by using better information
that can be interpreted and ingested quickly
for unfamiliar environments reduces the
likelihood of airspace violations and runway
incursions. Jeppesen has applied over 75 years
of experience making flight safer for the
pilot, employing the most effective ways to
convert large amounts of data into useable
information. The result is an unsurpassed
graphical presentation of information, in the
correct context, with extensive tools to filter
and search the data displayed on the map, to
give the pilot the best possible information
at the best possible time. This leads to better
management of the avalanche of information
flowing into the cockpit, better decision-
making, reduction in errors, and therefore a
safer, well-executed overall mission.
The Jeppesen Military Electronic
Flight Bag
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How To Reach Us
55 Inverness Drive East
Englewood, CO 80112-5498
GMA Account Development
Contact Information
Western Hemisphere
Toll Free: 800.537.7002
Ops and Nav Services +1.303.328.6994
Eastern Hemisphere
Ops Services: +44 1293 842 400
Nav Services: +49 6102 50 8263
This document contains only ADMIN/
non-ITAR controlled data; reference
Export Compliance Internal Export
Log # 08-0130
Upcoming Government & Military
Aviation Events
Please stop by and see us at the following events this fall!
EFB simulator
Mission Planners Users
Conference (MPUC)
Boeing booth
November 16-21
Las Vegas, NV
Airlift/Tanker Association
Convention (A/TA)
November 6 – 9
Anaheim, CA
Come visit our booth at the Airlift/Tanker Association and “fly” with the Jeppesen
Electronic Flight Bag in our simulator.
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