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Grant Writing Template
Grant Writing Template
Peaceful Playgrounds Grant Template
Grant Writing Template - Peaceful Playgrounds
Grant Eligibility: Safe Schools, conflict resolution, bullying, violence prevention,
character education, physical activity, childhood obesity intervention, and positive behavior
support program.
Program Overview:
In an age when violence in schools is too often on the front page of
newspapers, schools need to look at new strategies for more peaceful school
environments, and more specifically, more peaceful playgrounds. Peaceful
Playgrounds was designed as a preventive positive behavior support program
to be implemented school wide. Being able to play cooperatively in the
outside, unstructured environment empowers children, and teaches them to
work cooperatively in the classroom as well. It also instills responsibility and
conflict resolution skills that transcend from the playground to the
classroom, the home and the community. The Peaceful Playgrounds Program
provides a better-organized playground that involves children in a variety of
activities that reduce injury and conflicts while motivating them to be
physically active. It also helps to develop motor skills, social skills and
cognitive skills through the various games and activities. Research on
Peaceful Playgrounds has shown a decrease in bullying, an increase in
children’s physical activity levels as well as, fewer playground injuries.
PP research citations can be found at:
I. Needs Statement: Provide school site data that explains the need to implement
the (conflict resolution, peer mediation, safe schools etc.) program. Identify input
from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, students, school personnel,
parents, law enforcement, and community members. Indicate how this grant will
assist your school in accomplishing prioritized needs.
School Name
) is a school of (#
) children in grades K-6. The school is
located in a (
rural, urban, suburban
) neighborhood in the community of
Health, NV
). A recent change in student diversity has brought about a need
for training and tolerance of other cultures. Crime, drug use, mobility rates
and low socio-economic conditions have contributed to frustration and have
built tension in the local community.
School data reveals that office referrals for behavior issues have increased
by (
over the last year. Additionally, teachers are frustrated with the
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Grant Writing Template