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Peaceful Playgrounds Grant Template
amount of time they are losing from teaching due to resolving conflicts that
spills over from the playground into the classroom. Our recent student
survey reveals that (
) of the children report being harassed by another
child, (
15 %)
report being bullied on campus, and (
report an altercation
while on the playground during the last school year. Only (
of the
Students report that they feel safe on campus all the time. Parent surveys
revealed that (
) of the students have been bullied at school on one or
more occasion.
Data on our students mirrors the national trend toward overweight children.
The childhood obesity rate in our community is _______.
As indicated by the above data, the need for intervention is great and the
school staff has committed to implementation of the Peaceful Playgrounds
II. Goals and Measurable Objectives: Describe the school’s goals to implement a
comprehensive school wide (conflict resolution program). Describe measurable
objectives that the school hopes to accomplish by implementing the Peaceful
Playgrounds training.
The goal of the Peaceful Playgrounds program is to provide all staff and
students with a common language and set of behaviors that are part of the
positive, healthy, safe environment in which students can enjoy active
learning. Additionally, students will acquire skills to problem solve a peaceful
resolution to school conflicts so as to insure a peaceful school culture for
students and staff.
Objective 1: By (
January 200_)
, provide staff training utilizing the Peaceful
Playground overview video.
Objective 2: By (
June 200_)
, students and staff will be trained in the
Peaceful Playgrounds conflict resolution strategies of “Walk”, “Talk”, and
“Rock, Paper, Scissors ” problem solving methods.
Objective 3: By (
June 200_)
, students will learn a consistent set of rules
for the Peaceful Playgrounds activities and choose to play them during
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