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Peaceful Playgrounds Grant Template
Objective 4: By (
June 200_)
, students will understand and be able to
identify the distinctions between teasing and bullying and the boundaries
between appropriate and inappropriate, playful and hurtful behaviors.
Objective 5: By (
June 200_)
, parents and community will be invited to a
Family Peace Day Celebration in which students will demonstrate and teach
peaceful solutions and demonstrate peace strategies and skills.
III. Program Description: Provide a description of how you plan to incorporate peer
mediation, conflict resolution etc, and school community involvement in your school
Program, including how this program will compliment other safe school/violence prevention
programs. Describe what kind of training will be provided, number of days trainings will be
provided, who will provide it, and plans for attendance. Describe how team members will
work together to implement the program at the school site so as it insure all staff members
are trained. (Include how Special Education needs, and students who are limited English
speaking will benefit).
Utilizing the components of the award winning and research based Peaceful
Playgrounds program all students and staff will be trained in the conflict
resolution strategies of “Walk”, “Talk”, and “Rock, Paper, Scissors” through
the use of the Peaceful Playground overview video and staff development
training transparencies during (
January 200_
) utilizing staff meeting time.
The PTA supports the implementation of the PP program by purchasing
materials and working with volunteers to begin painting the 100 game designs
on the playground during the month of (
March 200_)
. Between (
January and
, the P.E. specialist in conjunction with the classroom teacher will
instruct all students in the games and activities included in the program and
teach a consistent set of game rules. Bi-monthly grade level meetings will
allow time for discussion of implementation guidelines. During grade level
and staff meeting time teachers and staff strategize about changes that
need to be supported and infused into the curriculum.
In addressing the gap in the student surveys regarding bullying, classroom
time will be spent in defining bullying behaviors and strategies for dealing
with a bully. Training will include educating the “bystander” as to his/her
role in the bullying dynamic, as well as identifying teasing and hurtful
The School Site Council and Student Councils have committed to providing
funding to sustain this researched program through the purchase and
replacement of playground equipment (balls, bean bags, etc.) after the initial
funding ends.
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