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Peaceful Playgrounds Grant Template
IV. Student Involvement: Describe an effective plan for involving all student in the
Peaceful Playgrounds strategies, including those students who typically are excluded
from the formal student leadership activities, students with special needs, and
students who are learning English.
The staff at (
Healthy School
) embraces the importance of inclusion of all
students in our classroom instruction and playground activities. Learning the
problem solving strategies within the Peaceful Playgrounds Program assists
ALL students in learning to interact with their peers, develop a sense of
responsibility for self and others, and establishes a sense of community
within a positive school environment. Older students assist with equipment
distribution, as well as train younger students in game strategies.
Peaceful Playgrounds designs are painted at ground level and therefore are
ADA compliant. The four design blueprints accommodate for
developmental differences and are broken down into age spans (pre-school
to K, Kdg.- 3, grades 3-6 and field designs) to insure successful participation
for all students and all disabilities.
V. Family and Community Involvement: Explain your proposal for a planned,
effective approach for involving families and the community, including local agencies
that could reinforce conflict resolution strategies.
PTA and School Site Council have been involved in the search for the
conflict resolution program. Both organizations have committed funds to
the ongoing support of the program. PTA parents and local scout troops will
organize a paint day for adding game markings to our existing playground.
Teachers will reinforce problem-solving strategies in the classroom by
identifying good sport students who will receive monthly awards at the
Awards Assembly.
The principal’s monthly newsletters inform parents and community members
of the conflict resolution strategies that students are learning and provide
helpful suggestions of how parents might reinforce those techniques in home
situations. Monthly Peaceful Playgrounds Parent Pages inform parents of on
going implementation strategies and successes.
VI. Evaluation: Describe how the school will determine the degree to which the
measurable objectives, stated in Section III, are accomplished. Describe the
behaviors, skills and/or attitudes that will be measured to determine the program
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