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Peaceful Playgrounds Grant Template
A parent, student, and staff survey will be conducted annually to determine
each group’s perceptions of the progress toward each objective. Parents will
indicate fewer number of bullying incidents related to their child. Greater
numbers of parents will indicate they feel their child is safe at school. A
greater number of children will indicate that fewer children are being
bullied on campus and be able to identify strategies that contributed to the
decrease in such behaviors. Greater numbers of students will indicate
feeling safe at school all the time. Staff will indicate less class time is being
spent on peer conflicts that carry over from the playground. Teachers will
indicate an increase in the time students are interacting positively on
campus, particularly on the playground.
Student bystanders will demonstrate support for peers and will not tolerate
inappropriate and hurtful behaviors without comments or intervention.
Students will seek adult assistance when necessary.
School administration will analyze and compare pre and post data on
referrals for playground incidents, nurse visits, and injury data. School
administrators will track referrals and suspensions to identify severity of
issue, quantity, and frequency. The number of school referrals to principal
will decrease significantly.
VII. Budget Summary: Indicate anticipated expenses for onsite training,
follow-up training, and program implementation. Include funds used
for materials, supplies, and release time for teachers and supervisors.
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