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Groundskeeper Resume Template
Groundskeeper Resume Template
Groundskeeper Resume Template
Mandy Manson
5734 Rainbow County
Minneapolis, 76889
Phone: (878) 908-909
Energetic and responsible person seeking for a position as Groundskeeper in a park.
Summary of Qualification
With good abilities in ground maintenance and cleanliness
Knowledgeable in safety standards and precautions in using pesticides and herbicides
Can operate machine and equipment such as mowers, tractors, and hand or power tools
Highly responsible and can follow orders immediately
With excellent health condition and the ability to work in groups with other employees
Career Experience/Job History
2008 2011: Groundskeeper, Camp Allen
Uprooted shrubs, weeds and unwanted plants from the camp’s flower garden
Cleaned and watered lawns
Used water pumps to clean cement grounds and repainted road signs
Assisted in the landscaping of the yard in the director’s office
Acquired plants and herbs for the camp needed for the herb gardens
Grew and harvested fruits from the camp’s orchard
2004-2008: Groundskeeper, CISCO
Cleaned and maintained the main lobby and offices of the company
Planted flowers and shrubs in the lawns and along the sidewalks
Cut and transplanted trees and shrubs
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Groundskeeper Resume Template