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Halloween Newsletter Template
Halloween Newsletter Template
Banteer National School Parents’ Association Newsletter, Halloween 2013
It’s Halloween!
Upcoming Events
Quaid Gallery
photographers will be in
the school on Monday,
Oct 21
School Mass: Oct 23
11 am.
Halloween Disco: Oct
@ 7 pm.
Mid-term break: Oct 28
Nov 3
. School reopens
on Monday Nov 4
The next meeting of
Banteer N.S Parents’
Association will take
place on Tuesday, Nov
@ 8 pm in the school.
All parents are welcome
to attend.
To contact, or to receive
notifications from
Banteer N.S Parents’
Association please email
Halloween Disco
A Halloween Fancy Dress
Disco will take place in
Banteer Community
Centre on Friday Oct 25
@ 7 pm. The disco is
open to all primary
school children. Younger
children are permitted
as long as they are
supervised by a
parent/guardian. There
will be spot prizes on the
night and tea/coffee will
be provided. Entry is €5
per child, which includes
a goody bag, and all
proceeds will go to
Banteer N.S.
Clothing Collection
Our latest clothing
collection was a massive
success and €750 was
raised for the school.
The Parents’ Association
would like to take this
opportunity to thank
everyone who donated
to the collection.
Another collection will
take place in February,
so please remember to
keep any old clothes for
Musical Instruments
The school is looking for
donations of musical
instruments for its band.
If parents have any
musical instruments in
good condition that they
are willing to donate, it
would be greatly
appreciated! A drum kit
is especially needed.
Christmas Cards
After receiving feedback
from parents, templates
for designing this year’s
Christmas Cards will be
sent home with the
children. This is to
ensure that parents can
supervise the design of
the cards. A list of names
is currently being
forwarded to the card
company, and the
templates will be
available once this
process is complete. A
percentage from the sale
of each card will go to
Banteer N.S.
School Parking
Parents are asked to pay
special attention to the
school’s parking policy.
The space reserved for
the school bus, along
with the yellow zig-zag
area, are no parking
zones. Parking is also
prohibited in front of all
school gates.
Happy Halloween to all
pupils, parents, and
teachers of Banteer N.S!
Banteer National School Parents’ Association: Seana Ryan, Liz Flynn, Jayne O’ Connell, Monica O’
Leary, Denise Mulcahy, Shauna Crowley, Mary Weathers, Suzanne Collins, Katrina Bourke, Denis O’
Donoghue, Fiona Dugdale, Anne O’ Connell, Noreen Buckley, John Kirwin, Majella Sheehan Harris,
Maria Foley, Denis Buckley, Marta Humphries, Denise O’ Connor, Geraldine Duggan, Anne Casey, Eva
Heydan-Pommersheim, Liam Behan, Lisa Cashman, Caroline Palmer.
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Halloween Newsletter Template