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Hawaii Last Will and Testament Form Page 2
I hereby direct my Executors to distribute my tangible personal property as set forth in Exhibit
A, or in a separate written statement prepared by me in which I describe the items of property
and designate the persons to receive such property. In the absence of such a statement and to the
extent that my tangible personal property is not included in such a statement, I give, devise and
bequeath the rest of my tangible personal property, including my jewelry, clothing, household
furniture, personal automobiles, boats, books and paintings, to my spouse if he/she survives me
by thirty (30) days and, if my spouse does not so survive me, all of said property shall go as
hereinbelow provided in ARTICLE VI. This bequest does not include cash, savings accounts,
checking accounts, certificates of deposit, stocks or bonds or similar items. The decision as to
the distribution of my personal property among my heirs shall be made by my Executors and
shall be final.
I hereby give, devise and bequeath all the rest and residue of my Estate, including any lapsed
gifts, whether real, personal or mixed of which I may die seized or possessed, or to which I may
be entitled at the time of my death, including any lapsed or void bequest or devise to my spouse
if he/she survives me for thirty (30) days. If my spouse does not so survive me, all of said
property shall be distributed equally among my children.
I hereby generally and specifically disinherit each, any and all persons whomsoever claiming to
be, or who may be lawfully determined to be, my heirs at law, except as otherwise mentioned in
this Will. If they, or their successors in interest, or any other person who, if I died intestate,
would be entitled to share in my estate, lawfully or indirectly, singly or in conjunction with other
persons, or if any other person or entity should seek to establish or assert any claims to my
Estate, or any part thereof, excepting under this Will, or attack, oppose or seek to set aside its
provisions, or to have the same or any part thereof, or any devise or trust herein, limited,
declared void or diminished, or to defeat or change any part of the testamentary plan of this Will,
whether or not in good faith and with probable cause, or settle or compromise, directly or
indirectly, either in or out of court, with any contestants of this Will, or shall endeavor to secure
or take any part of my Estate in any manner, other than through or under this Will, then, in any
or all of the above-mentioned cases and events, I hereby give and bequeath to such person, or
persons, or entity, the sum of One Dollar ($1.00), and no more, in lieu of any other share or
interest in my Estate.
I hereby nominate and appoint my spouse, _______________, to serve as Executor/Executrix of
my Estate without bond. In the event my spouse is unable or unwilling to serve in this said
capacity, I nominate and appoint ___________________ to serve as Executor without bond. In
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