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Health And Safety Gap Analysis
their maximum likely outcome. All full investigations should reach root cause.
o Ensure that a sufficient percentage of company personnel, representing all company
functions, are trained in effective incident investigation and root cause analysis.
o Develop or adopt a root cause analysis procedure that is integrated with the
structure of the SHMS, i.e., root causes should relate to the SHMS, as a minimum.
o Capture the lessons learned and ensure they are communicated to all personnel
with a need to know.
o Compile root cause data and forward to management for their review of the SHMS.
Action needed:
Emergency Management:
o Develop and maintain written, site-specific emergency response plans. Plans should
be based on a critical assessment of potential emergencies scenarios and their
o Ensure plans are communicated, trained and drilled against at an appropriate
interval. All potentially affected personnel should be aware of the role and
responsibilities in an emergency.
o Plans should include an assessment and acquisition of adequate foreseeable
emergency resources, e.g., warning devices, first aid supplies, rescue equipment,
communication aids.
o Plans should be communicated to external stakeholders as appropriate.
o Emergency response drills should be conducted with sufficient frequency and intent
to assure confidence in the event of a real emergency.
o Maintain adequate internal/external first responder capabilities in relation to
operations’ size, risk and isolation.
Not doing this, but recognize the need
Not doing this, but working on it
Doing this, or something equivalent
Action needed:
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Health And Safety Gap Analysis