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Health and Safety Policy Statement 2
Template 3: Health and Safety Policy Statement
Health and Safety Policy Statement
Risk Assessment:
Risk assessments are carried out by Name of venue and how often etc. Before
each session it is however it is the coach’s responsibility to check the playing area
prior to each session and ensure that there are no possible risks to the
participant. If a potential risk is identified then the coach must complete a club
risk assessment form and then should immediately notify the Sports Centre
Manager (if applicable).
It is the responsibility of the sports centre manager and Head Coach as to
whether or not the risk will cause harm and make any participation on the site of
danger to those involved.
Should any accident occur during any training or match play it is the Head coach
or appointed person at Insert name of sports centre responsibility to respond to
the situation as required. The parent/guardian is notified, at the very latest
following the session and in situations where a young person is required to travel
to hospital, immediately.
All young people will have completed a club registration form which is held
confidentially. The head coach is provided with a copy which can be accessed in
an emergency and will contain the consent of the child’s parent/carer for a
qualified first aider to administer emergency first aid and call an ambulance if
An accident form must be completed by the coach following the session
and sent to the club welfare officer.
Should an emergency occur at a session then it is the head coaches responsibility
to maintain the safety of all participants and for the first aiders to deal with the
injured participants. The head coach maybe the first aider.
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Health and Safety Policy Statement 2