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Helicopter Pilot Resume
Helicopter Pilot Resume
Flight Ratings
FAA ATP Airline Transport Pilot
CFI / Rotorcraft-Helicopter
S-70, S-92 Type-ratings
FAA Class 1
Sikorsky S-76 & S-92 Test Pilot
Jul 2007Present
Bell 430 Corporate IFR Captain
Jan 2006Jun 2007
Sikorsky S-76 EMS Captain
Oct 2003Dec 2005
AS 350 Charter / Tour Pilot
Jan 2002 Sep 2003
Sikorsky S-70 & Bell 205 Pilot
Jan 1994 Nov 2001
Manufacturer Approved Courses
Sikorsky 70 / 76 / 92 / Bell 430
Master of Aeronautical Science
Bachelor of Science Aeronautics
UH-1 Huey / UH-60 Black Hawk
STACY SAMPLE 702 800-0000 cell
Flight Time
Total 6867
Pilot in Command 5673 Night 1342
Pilot 1194 Night Vision Goggle 528
Helicopter Multi-Engine 4660 Offshore/Overwater 574
Cross Country 3847 External Load 263
Instrument IFR/Hood 832 EMS 541
Actual Weather 369 Mountain 2693
Sikorsky Aircraft CorporationCoatesville, PA
S-76 and S-92 Production Test Pilot – Maintenance test pilot, engineering
test flight, civil and foreign military flight instructor, customer
demonstrations, international IFR, VFR, and overwater experience.
Elite AviationLos Angeles, CA
Single Pilot Bell 430 Corporate IFR Captain – Off-airport landing,
logistics, and air/ground security. Company contract included occasional
Screen Actors Guild motion picture work. Part 91, 135.
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles / Helinet AviationVan Nuys, CA
Single Pilot S-76 EMS Captain Mountainous, rooftop and confined areas.
Off-day schedule included AS350 & S-76 charter, corporate transport, film
work, ENG, and maintenance test flight. Part 91,135.
Sundance HelicoptersLas Vegas, NV and Grand Canyon, AZ
Eurocopter AS 350 Charter Pilot – Tour, charter, and maintenance flights.
High temp/DA, and high canyon winds at max gross weight, above 5000ft
mountainous terrain. Part 91,135.
United States ArmyUS and the Middle East
S-70 and Bell 205 Pilot in Command – Night vision goggle, low level,
external load, rappel, fast rope, parachute drop, drug intervention,
overwater, medevac, pinnacle, confined area, desert, high temp/DA, and
above 10,000ft mountainous terrain.
Flight Safety International
Initial type-ratings and recurrent training
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Specialization in Aviation/Aerospace Education Technology
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Summa cum laude
U.S. Army Flight School
Fort Rucker, AL
Bell 205 (UH-1) and Sikorsky S-70 (UH-60) aircraft qualifications
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Helicopter Pilot Resume