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Home Inventory Checklist
Home Inventory Checklist
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Furniture (e.g., beds, dressers)
Electronics (e.g., stereo, TV)
Misc. (e.g., clothing, collectibles)
Furniture (e.g., vanity, cabinets)
Electronics (e.g., electronic toothbrush, hair dryer)
Misc. (e.g., curtains, towels)
The above list includes the main portions of the house. However, do not forget other areas, such as the closets, basement, attic, garage, porch/patio, work room
and shed. When reviewing these areas, be sure to document all items stored in these areas.
Once you have completed your home inventory, check with your insurance company or agent to determine your available coverage and what, if any, additional
coverage you may need. Remember to store this list in a safe place away from your home. Visit www.InsureUonline.org for disaster preparedness tips.
Item Price Date Brand Name Item Price Date Brand Name
Item Price Date Brand Name
(e.g., air conditioner, bike, camera, exercise
equipment, holiday decorations, jewelry, tools,
washer and dryer)
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Home Inventory Checklist