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Home Inventory List Template
Home Inventory List Template
Determining the value of your personal property requires an extensive analysis on your part. You should go through each room of
your house and list every piece of furniture and fixture within it. Some insurance companies provide Household Inventory lists
which can be helpful with this task. Items such as sofas, tables, beds, TVs, refrigerators, and lawn mowers should be included in such
a schedule.
As you compile your inventory, supplement it with receipts indicating the date of purchase and purchase price and photographs of
major items. Your inventory should be updated on an annual basis, or at the very least, whenever you purchase a large appliance or
item of furniture.
Additionally you may want to make a video of your possessions. If you do, make sure all the drawers and/or doors of your furniture
are open so you have a record of what is stored. It is also helpful to verbally describe major items as you record the video. When
complete, make a back up of the video and store this inventory list and video in a safe place away from your home, such as in a safe
deposit box , in the home of a friend or relative or in your workplace.
Checklist Contents
Items Grouped According to Room Page # Items Grouped According to Category Page #
Living Room 2 Appliances & Tools 15
Dining Room 3 Clothing 16
Family Room/Den/Office 4 Collectors’ Items & Hobbies 17
Kitchen/Laundry Room 5 Electronics 18
Bathrooms 6 Jewelry and Furs & Precious Metal Items 19
Halls, Entryway & Passages 7 Sports Equipment & Miscellaneous 20
Master Bedroom 8
Bedroom #2 9 Total Sheet 21
Bedroom #3 10
Bedroom #4 11
Attic 12
Basement 13
Garage 14
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Home Inventory List Template