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Home Warranty Service Contracts
Home Warranty Service Contracts
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A home warranty service contract (service contract) pays to repair or replace home
appliances and systems (plumbing, heating/cooling, etc.) if they break down due to
normal wear and tear. This is typically not covered by a homeowner's insurance policy.
Types of appliances and systems generally covered under a service contract
Service contracts cover many of your home's crucial systems and appliances, but to be
covered they must be in working order at the time your service contract is issued.
Below is a list of some of the types of items a service contract can cover.
Interior plumbing
Heating System
Electrical System
Water Heater
Garbage Disposal
Garage Door Opener
Air Conditioning
Pool/Spa Equipment
Gas Fireplace
Service contract coverage can vary widely, so always compare before purchasing.
When you buy a service contract, consider premium and optional coverage to
customize the plan to fit your needs.
Typical exclusions in a service contract
Preexisting conditions – conditions that existed before the coverage became
Items that fail from something other than normal wear and tear, such as
manufacturers recall or damage from an event typically covered by homeowners
insurance or flood insurance.
Secondary damage caused by the failure of a covered equipment or system or
appliance. For example, if your water heater fails, resulting in a leak that damages
your drywall, the contract may repair or replace the water heater but will not repair
the damage to the drywall.
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Home Warranty Service Contracts