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Payment Due Date
1. _________________________ ___________________, 20___;
2. __________________________ ___________________, 20___;
3. __________________________ ___________________, 20___’
4. __________________________ ___________________, 20___;
4. Limitations and Use of Horse
Lessee covenants, warrants, and agrees NOT to use the horse for any purpose other than
those set forth below:
Lessor promises and warrants that said horse is fit for said purpose(s).
Lessee agrees to bar any other riders except Lessee’s Trainer, instructor or other
professional where appropriate.
Lessee shall not have the right to relocate the horse without the Lessor’s express written
permission (which shall be attached here and signed and dated by the parties) except as
may be usual and customary for competition purposes.
5. Special Rights of Lessee (if any).
6. Feed and Facilities/Instructions for Care.
A. Lessee agrees to follow all usual and customary practices for care of horse at
Lessee’s own expense, to maintain horse in good health and provide any and all
necessary and prudent veterinarian and farrier needs at Lessee’s cost and at no cost to
B. Lessee agrees to feed and stable the horse leased herein as follows:
1. Stall. ______________________________ (minimum size);
2. Pasture or Turnout. _____________________________________;
3. Grain. ______________ kg per day, _____________ times per day;
4. Hay. ______________ g/kg per day, _____________ times per day;
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Equine Lease Agreement