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5. Additional. ______________________________________________________
6. Horse to be covered in winter: yes/no/at lessee's discretion.
C. Special Instructions:
D. Exercise. Lessee shall provide the following exercise of said horse at the frequency
and time period set forth below:
7. Transportation
Lessee/Lessor (indicate one) shall assume all transportation costs relating to the leasing
of said horse hereunder. In the event Lessee shall assume the responsibility and custody
the transportation of said horse s/he shall provide all usual and customary care in
transportation of said horse including, but not limited to the following special instructions:
8. Ownership Registration
Lessor warrants that s/he has good and clear title to said horse free from any liens or
encumbrances. The animal included in this lease shall remain the sole property of lessor,
and the lessee shall have no right, title, or loan to any other party of said animal except as
stated here.
9. Covenant Not to Encumber
Lessee agrees not to encumber said horse with any lien, charge, or related claim and to
hold Lessor harmless therefrom.
10. Risk of Loss and Insurance
A. Lessee assumes risk of loss or injury to said horse, except to the extent caused by an
act of Lessor’s agent, contractors, or employees. The lessor shall not be held responsible
for loss, damage, injury, claim, demand, cost and expense (including legal expense)
arising out of or connected with the use, stabling or actions for the leased animal whether
under control and supervision of the lessee or not. The lessor will not be responsible for
any accident or injury to any person or animal who comes in contact with the above
named animal, during the term of this lease.
B. Lessee shall at her/his own expense maintain in full force and effect during the term of
this Lease policy or policies of mortality and loss of use insurance written by an insurance
carrier acceptable to Lessor. A binder of said insurance shall be provided to Lessor prior
to Lessee taking delivery of the horse; and, a copy of the said policy must be mailed,
registered mail, to Lessor within a month of Lessee’s taking delivery of the horse.
If for any reason said animal must be put down, the lessor shall accept the insurance as
adequate compensation and hold no further claims against the lessee. In the above
situation proper Veterinary care must be utilized and the lessor must be notified
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Equine Lease Agreement