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Hospice Coordinator Resume
Hospice Coordinator Resume
Mountain Hospice, Inc.
TITLE: Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator
ACCOUNTABILITY: Director of Clinical Services
BASIC PURPOSE: Provide and/or coordinate the spiritual care and religious needs of
all Mountain Hospice patients. Responsible for developing,
implementing and coordinating a program which will provide
advocacy and bereavement services to the patient and family (as
defined by the patient) from admission through discharge.
1. Visit with patients and family members to provide spiritual care as indicated in the plan
of care.
2. Make initial visit to all new patient’s to determine if chaplain services are needed. This
position will work with the patients own clergy to coordinate spiritual care with the
patient care plan.
3. As appropriate, provide or coordinate follow-up grief ministry and counseling to family
members following the death of patient.
4. Travel to all counties to see patients at least monthly or more as needed.
5. Complete reports of visits and activities as required.
6. Create and implement a church development program in all counties.
7. Develop and oversee the Hospice Sabbath event in November.
8. Oversee the training of all volunteer chaplains.
9. Assist with volunteer chaplain recruitment.
10. Coordinate spiritual services of patients and supervise documentation provided by
11. Coordinate and oversee the annual memorial service. Plan and implement bereavement
services in a manner that best utilizes the agencies time and resources.
12. Coordinate and oversee Camp Good Grief.
13. Develop and oversee the church liaison program.
14. Participate in interdisciplinary team meetings; initiate the bereavement plan of care with
the Nurse Case Manager and coordinate with IDT as appropriate.
15. Responsible for bereavement assessments.
16. Ensure that all documentation related to bereavement is completed within accordance to
17. Coordinate with volunteers, nurses and social services staff as a part of bereavement
18. Coordinate funeral home visits with the staff to ensure hospice representation.
19. Perform other duties as assigned.
20. Complies with HIPAA regulations for protected personal health information.
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source: mountainhospice.com
Hospice Coordinator Resume