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Hospital Admission Clerk Template
Hospital Admission Clerk Template
Hospital Admission Clerk Template
Jane F. Wayne
Redwood Rd., Salt Lake, Utah
Phone: 801-433-1154
To be a hospital admission clerk for a large metropolitan hospital or clinic
Summary of Qualifications
About 8 years of experience as an admission clerk in a medium-sized private hospital
Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
Career Experience / Job History
2002 Present: Hospital Admission Clerk, Metro Doctors Hospital
Work in the night shift in admitting patients into the hospital
Get information from patients or if, unconscious, contact and obtain records of patients from
family physicians and referring doctors.
Obtain information from paramedics delivering patients into the emergency ward.
Maintain, monitor and update hospital waiting lists
Update hospital database with release information about patients
Advice patients on the waiting list for admission schedule.
Contact other hospitals in case of transfer requirements.
Provide clerical support to nurses when requested.
Perform other administrative duties as may be directed by the hospital administrator.
2005 Present: various in-house and 3
party seminars hospital administration.
1997 2002: Bachelor of Arts in Commerce, Walden Colleges Chicago
Professional reference will be furnished upon request.
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Hospital Admission Clerk Template