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Hospital Custodian Resume
Marcy James
124, Elm Street
Hebudah, New Jersey - 65363Phone No: 563-545-5452
To obtain a permanent, full-time employment with a hospital so that I can put to good use
the many skills that I have and contribute to the proper functioning of the organization.
Summary of Skills
Extensive knowledge of the effective cleaning techniques needed to keep the
environs of the hospital clean and hygienic.
Ability to maintain heating, cooling, water, and sewage systems, detect problems
and report any discrepancies to appropriate authorities.
Excellent knowledge of medical units and keen awareness of the techniques
needed to maintain the areas in hospitals and clinics.
An ability to understand and follow instructions and ability to communicate well,
both orally and in writing.
A keen interest in learning more and applying the knowledge to the job assigned.
Work Experience
Assistant Hospital Housekeeper St. Mary Hospital 2008 – 2011
u Responsible for the cleanliness of rooms occupied by patients, nursing rooms,
surgical areas, offices, labs, waiting areas, and the restrooms.
u Responsible for the cleanliness of all hospital linen, patient laundry, and
maintaining the various areas in the hospital.
u Maintaining the appearance and sanitation of all the areas in the hospital and
ensuring that they are not contaminated in any manner.
u Disinfection of patient rooms after the patient has been discharged to ensure that
the germs are killed and there is no chance of spreading of infection or disease.
Keeping records about the process of waste disposal and ensuring that the process is
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Hospital Custodian Resume