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Hotel Questionnaire
19a. Was it a last minute offer
(mark the appropriate answer)
1. Yes.
2. No.
20. How often do you go on holidays lasting at least 5 days
(mark the appropriate answer)
1. Every few years.
2. Once a year.
3. Several times (2-4 times) a year.
4. More than 4 times a year.
21. How much do you plan to spend per person during your visit to this hotel on the following items
1. Transportation (plane ticket, bus ticket, taxi, etc.). Approx._________EUR
2. Accommodation. Approx._________EUR
3. Restaurants, cafes. Approx._________EUR
4. Souvenirs. Approx._________EUR
5. Food (not in restaurants). Approx._________EUR
6. Other shopping. Approx._________EUR
7. Entertainment, entrance fees (theatre, cinema, exhibitions, museum). Approx._________EUR
8. Other expenses. Approx._________EUR
9. TOTAL expenditure (only if undividable). Approx._________EUR
22. Do you expect your expenses whilst staying at this hotel to be
(mark the appropriate answer):
1. Within what was planned.
2. Higher than planned.
3. Lower than planned.
Finally, a few questions about you.
23. Please name your country of residence:
24. What is your employment status
(mark the appropriate answer)
1. Employed.
2. Self-employed.
3. Unemployed.
4. Retired / renter.
5. Student / pupil.
6. Other, what: ______________________________
25. Year of birth: _________________________
26. Gender
(mark the appropriate answer):
1. Male.
2. Female.
Thank you very much for your time and answers!
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