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The human resource indicators in this report provide broad workforce data and analysis,
including key workforce information at the corporate level.
This report will assist managers in the comparison of local information with corporate and
benchmarking data to:
achieve a greater understanding of the University of South Australia’s (UniSA’s) workforce,
identify trends and gaps in the workforce, and
provide a measure of human resource strategy success.
The workforce planning framework includes the identification of suitable human resource
indicators to provide a corporate overview of the workforce and the continuous monitoring of
corporate strategies. The indicators are only intended to provide a snapshot of workforce issues
and are to be considered along with other relevant data.
The human resource indicators provide a measure of the human resource capacity of the
organisation and the effectiveness of workforce planning initiatives.
This report includes the following human resource indicators:
Workforce size
Employment type – non casual
Temporary staff
Staff turnover
Length of service
Diversity profiling - Indigenous, youth, women in the UniSA workforce, country of birth, first
language and disability
Academic and general staff qualifications
Career development – academic promotion, reclassification of general staff, higher duties
opportunities, professional development program and staff study support
Leave, including family friendly leave initiatives
Occupational Health Safety and Welfare
Age Profile
Where possible, benchmarking information for most indicators has been included and
information has been obtained from the following sources:
Department of Education, Science & Training (DEST) data 2005
Australian Bureau of Statistics (AusStats 2001 & 2006)
Australian Bureau of Statistics, Year Book Australia 2005.
Australian Universities HR Benchmarking Program 2006 – HR Performance Indicators for the
period 2003 – 2005 (Queensland University of Technology [QUT])
Government of South Australia, Office of Public Employment Workforce Analysis 2005
University of South Australia Annual Workforce Report 2003-2004 & 2004-2005
Mercer HR Consulting, Human Resource Effectiveness Monitor 2005
Advancing the AVCC Action Plan for Women, Cross Institution comparisons based on 2005
data, prepared by QUT for the Australian Technology Network (ATN)
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