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Hr Best Practices Report Template
Employers are realizing that the success of an organization
relies on more than hiring qualified candidates. Effective
human resource (HR) planning and management is
required at all stages of an employee’s corporate lifecycle
to help ensure employee growth and satisfaction. Employee
satisfaction is vital to the success of an organization
because of its direct impact on productivity. When
employees are satisfied, they are more likely to produce
high quality work, optimize performance, and exercise
more critical thought and creativity. This combination of
high satisfaction and maximum productivity amounts to
employee engagement.
Engaged employees are invaluable assets since they are
motivated to perform to the highest of their abilities
because of their dedication and voluntary commitment
to the success of the organization. Companies who
effectively cultivate employee engagement benefit from
low employee turn-over, greater customer satisfaction,
a cohesive corporate culture, improved performance and
communication, and higher employee commitment to the
core values and objectives of the organization.
ECO Canada’s HR Best Practices Report highlights innovative
HR strategies used by Canadian environmental organizations
to promote employee engagement. Categorized according
to six HR practice areas, this report shares valuable insight
while acknowledging several challenges unique to the
environment industry, such as contexts for learning,
organization structures, and types of projects and work.
As environmental organizations prepare for the retirement of the baby
boomer generation and struggle to retain top talent in a competitive
industry, the need to develop effective recruitment and retention
practices is becoming a top priority.
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Hr Best Practices Report Template