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Hr Best Practices Report Template
With a staff of well over a hundred employees and
averaging a growth of 30% per annum in recent years,
Rescan has developed an effective recruitment strategy
to attract qualified workers who are committed to the
organization’s goals. A key component of the process
relies on hiring individuals who share the same values as
the company and demonstrate key attributes that include
flexibility, resilience, and commitment to excellence and
Rescan’s recruitment strategy comes into play even before
individuals enter the selection process. In order to attract
individuals who share the same environmental leadership
values, the company actively markets its achievements and
awards to the public to raise its employer brand awareness.
This provides candidates with a better understanding of
the corporate culture and in turn, helps focus and reduce
the candidate pool by appealing to a particular type of
individual. The company’s job postings further reflect this
strategy by carefully articulating the nature of the work
and the desired behavioural competencies in addition to
identifying mandatory technical skill requirements.
Once short-listing is complete, pre-screening telephone
interviews are held with all candidates who successfully
meet the requirements. This step aims to quickly identify
the applicant’s outlook on work, their interest in joining
Rescan, and their fit with the organization. Candidates
who successfully complete this stage go on to participate
in a number of face to face interviews with a selection
of senior managers. This process acts as a safeguard by
considering the perspectives and feedback of multiple
individuals when assessing a candidate’s fit with the
To complement the recruitment process and help
encourage staff involvement, Rescan also relies on its
Employee Referral Program. This program provides
employees with an opportunity to directly recommend
candidates who embody the same values. If a staff
member refers a candidate who is hired and stays with the
company through the three month probationary period,
they receive $1000.
Reinforcing Company Values
Staffing and
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