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Hr Board Report Template
Hr Board Report Template
Human Resources Directorate Report 2008
1.0 Introduction
1.1 This paper identifies key activities undertaken by the Human
Resources Directorate and the performance of the Trust in relation to
staffing related matters during the last twelve months. The report aims
to highlight areas of priority in relation to activity for 2009.
2.0 Key Performance Indicators
2.1 Establishment Appendix One shows the Trust’s establishment by
staff group as at 1 February 2008 compared with 1 February 2009.
The figure of 3585.25wte for 2009 shows a small increase in
establishment of 1.32% with the biggest increases in staff being in the
Administrative and Clerical and Allied Healthcare Professionals fields.
A major contributor to this has been the additional temporary resources
provided during the transfer to and opening of St Helens Hospital.
There is a review taking place to establish if any of these temporary
additional posts need to be permanently retained. This piece of work
is due for completion by the end of March 09. Appendices Two and
Three show the breakdown of ethnicity of the workforce along with
evidence of promotions of staff from BME backgrounds from 2007 to
2.2 Turnover As can be seen in Appendix Four, the Trust has
experienced relatively low rates of turnover during 2008 at 8.66%, with
10% generally being quoted as an average for the NHS. The largest
number of staff leaving in the last year has been from the Nursing and
Midwifery profession. Work has already commenced with the Assistant
Director of Nursing to plan for changes in skillmix to support the 50%
single occupancy wards and changed environment in the new Whiston
Hospital. Supporting this is the continued investment in Assistant
Practitioner roles. The Trust has 4 qualified Assistant Practitioners and
4 entering the second and final year of their Foundation Degree
currently. There are 23 students who have started in January 2009.
Bids are due in in April 2009 for next year’s intake, with access being
opened to a Maternity Assistant Practitioner (Support Worker)
programme. A wider understanding of the workforce demographics
needs to be established to enable succession planning and potential
realignment of staffing needs in accordance with the requirements of
new ways of working in the new Hospital. Work is already planned with
the Matrons to take this forward, the results of which will need to be fed
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Hr Board Report Template