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into the appropriate sub-groups of the New Build Project
Implementation Group.
2.3 Sickness absence Appendix Five demonstrates how the Trust has
performed in relation to sickness absence rates during 2008/09 up to
end February 2009, compared with 2007/08. As can be seen the split
between short and long term sickness absence has not differed greatly
from between these two periods, however 2007 did see an
improvement in short term absence from the previous year, as a result
of work to implement the Irregular Attendance Procedure. The Trust
has however experienced a sustained period of improvement in
sickness absence rates during May to October 2008, almost reaching
the Trust target of 4%. It is thought a combination of factors
contributed to this improvement which included the use of Firstcare
reports to managers aiding management of sickness absence,
sustained efforts by managers and the HR team to manage sickness
absence and the focus on supporting staff with rehabilitation
programmes to help them return after longer periods of absence.
Whilst Firstcare has been in use within the Trust Workforce Planning
team have enabled over half of the Trust to use the Manager Self
Service (MSS) function in the Electronic Staff Record System. This
means sickness absence, changes to staff, booking onto mandatory
courses can be input direct by the manager. This has improved the
immediacy and accuracy of absence reporting for those areas of the
Trust on MSS, the roll out of which is due to be completed by
September 2009. During this period a replication of as much of the
reporting functionality of Firstcare is planned in order to retain the best
elements of the service whilst bringing their contract to a close.
Appendix Six identifies a breakdown of sickness absence reasons for
the last twelve months and costs based on individual earnings. During
the past two years a solid policy framework has been put in place to
effectively manage sickness absence, which has had key input and
leadership from the HR team. Continued improvements have been
made to the regularity and standard of workforce information reporting
in particular for sickness absence. In order to continually move this
work forward the plan during 2009/10 is to better understand the
reasons, causes and impact of sickness in the workplace and to
develop Health and Wellbeing Strategy that fully supports managing
maintenance of good health, keeping people in work wherever possible
and providing access to appropriate and varied services to help with
management of long term absence and/or conditions.
2.4 Bank and Agency usage During 2008/09 the overall paybill has
remained balanced and Care Groups have not exceeded their
budgeted establishment through use of bank and agency staff. During
this period the Trust has also continued to see the improvements in fill
rates with bank staff being used rather than agency, with Theatres
being the remaining main user of Agency staff. Appendix Seven
shows the rates of usage across the Trust for both nursing and
midwifery and administrative and clerical staff. For both 07/08 and
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