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08/09 a substantial drop in bank and agency demand can be seen
around the Christmas holiday period for nurses and midwives. During
the same period and for a month or so before a sharp increase in
usage of administrative and clerical cover was used. The aim for 2009
will be to work with Care Groups to find strategies to reduce the
reliance on temporary staffing to further reduce cost and any potential
quality issues resulting from their use. It is likely however, that
planning needs to take place in relation to additional temporary staffing
requirements during the move to the new Whiston Hospital.
2.5 Mandatory Training – The Trust has improved its performance in
relation to ensuring all staff receive the appropriate level of mandatory
training as required for their post during 2008. The Learning and
Development team have undertaken a huge piece of work to ensure
the Trust is meeting the requirements under the Standards for Better
Health. The data is now kept on the Trust’s Oracle Learning
Management system (part of ESR). Continued development of the
system is planned for 2009 with a view to enabling managers to utilise
the benefits of Manager Self Service further in relation to being able to
run local reports on mandatory training compliance.
2.6 Employee Relations activity Appendix Eight shows the
breakdown of cases and the nature grievances and disciplinaries that
have taken place during 2007/08 and 2008/09 (up to February 09).
The biggest increase can be seen in people taking out a case under
the Respect at Work Policy. An increase has been seen in cases
relating to staff at St Helens in the run up and since the move to the
new Hospital. The staff employed in Soft FM services under the
Retention of Employment arrangements account for the largest number
of disciplinary cases. These numbers are kept under close review by
the HR Manager covering Medirest who works closely with Medirest
managers to ensure appropriate application of the Trust policies.
3.0 Achievements 2008/09 and Looking Forward to 2009/10:
3.1 Despite the Directorate experiencing a period without a substantive
Deputy in post during 2008 developments and achievements against
some of the key areas identified in the 2008/09 HR Business Plan have
continued. In particular the following has been achieved in each of the
key areas:
3.2 Generalist HR a great deal of work was put into ensuring the
requirements under Standards for Better Health were met, work that
was co-ordinated across the Directorate by the generalist HR team.
Work has continued to ensure the HR requirements of Pandemic Flu
planning are met. Whilst some outstanding issues remain in relation to
individual Agenda for Change cases, the process is now fully
mainstreamed. The main areas of work for 2009/10 include ensuring
the right structure and roles and responsibilities are in place within the
Department to ensure all aspects of work can develop. Whilst we are
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