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meeting our requirements under the Equality and Human Rights
agenda this area does require a continued focus with the potential to
broaden the remit of a lead role to include responsibility for non
employment issues.
3.3 Occupational Health during 2008 the Trust wide Stress Audit was
carried out. The results of which have started to be taken forward by
the team through action planning with Care Groups. A major piece of
work for 2009/10 will be to develop a Health and Well Being Strategy
incorporating the national Occupational Health Standards. Activity
reporting for Occupational Health is being developed and is expected
to make up part of the Care Group’s standard reporting package by
April 2009. Occupational Health have a pivotal role in moving the
overall sickness absence agenda forward and current practices have
started to be reviewed to ensure the most effective use of resources
within the team during 2009/10.
3.4 Workforce Planning and Payroll/Staff Servicesthe Trust has been
held up as an exemplar for its work relating to the final stage of
implementation of ESR, Readiness Assessment 5. As a result the
Trust is ahead of most others nationally with its programme for rolling
out Manager Self Service. This will be completed by December 09,
approximately half of the Trust now benefit from being live on MSS.
The major piece of work for both departments, along with elements of
the generalist HR team will be to establish an ‘end to end’ service
potentially via one team operating across traditional recruitment,
workforce planning and payroll teams.
3.5 Medical Staffing and Medical Education The Trust achieved
European Working Time Directive Compliance one year ahead of the
2009 deadline. In some areas there are still extreme pressures on
junior doctors rotas due to shortages, which are at a national level, in
supply of people trained to the necessary level resulting in gaps in
rotas. The Trust will be continuing work to address this in areas
particularly badly effected. The medical staffing team have undertaken
the supporting piece of work to ensure implementation of the new Staff
Grade and Associate Specialist (SAS) Contract. The Medical
Education facility has continued to develop it’s reputation nationally by
developing and advancing methods of delivering teaching to junior
doctors. During 2009/10 the formal merging of the under and post
graduate medical training functions will take place with management
sitting under one person. This will result in good practice relating to
under graduate trainees being shared across the post graduate
education provision.
3.6 Learning and Development The Trust has seen more robust
induction and mandatory training programmes being put in place with
improved reporting mechanisms over the last twelve months. The
team has been through considerable change in recent times, however
during the last twelve months NVQ provision has grown substantially
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