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and the team received special mention during the recent revalidation of
the Trust’s Investors In People Award. Major areas for development
during 2009/10 will be the establishment of a finalised department
structure fit for purpose in relation to delivering against the wider
Learning and Development agenda. Some of this work has started with
the further improvement and development of the Leadership and
Management Development Initiative programme, linking it to levels 2, 3,
4 and 5 NVQ attainment, providing a programme meeting the needs of
team leaders and junior to middle level managers. A programme
including coaching, project management, 360 deg feedback skills
training is due to commence in March 2009 aimed at more senior
managers. The Staffing Solutions team sit within the L&D function and
will undergo the same finalising of structure.
3.7 Workforce Remodelling A key piece of work that a number of the
departments within the Directorate will be heavily involved in during
2009/10 is work with the Care Groups to align the workforce to the care
pathways and service design taking place in relation to the Whiston
Hospital build. The new Deputy Director of HR is leading this piece of
work and as such will be working as part of relevant sub-groups of the
New Build Project Implementation Group. During the remainder of
2009 workforce plans will be drawn up within each Care Group
identifying how succession planning, appropriate skills development
and changes to workforce are planned to take place over the coming
two to five years, ie over the short, medium and long term. Supporting
work will take place on specific projects identifying improved
efficiencies and realisation of benefits of new technology particularly in
relation to administrative functions.
4.0 Conclusion/Actions for the Board
4.1 It is proposed that a shortened version of this report, mainly providing
evidence of progress and improvement in key activity areas is
produced for the Board on a quarterly basis, with a more detailed
annual report provided towards the end of the financial year.
4.2 The Board are requested to acknowledge the work undertaken within
the Directorate during 2008/09 and support the areas of work identified
moving into 2009/10.
Anne-Marie Stretch
Director of Human Resources
24 February 2009
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