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Hr Project Report Template
Hr Project Report Template
Human Resource Management in a Project
By Sujit Mishra
The Human resource management includes the processes required to coordinate the human
resources on a project. Such processes include those needed to plan, obtain, orient, assign,
and release staff over the life of the project.
Development of Human resource plan
Acquiring staff
Measuring the Performance of staff
Release of staff at the end
As we know that people are an important part of a project’s success. The projects are resource
constrained. The management of the human resources on a project has a major impact on the
project’s success or failure. Of course, this article has taken a general view, human resource
processes are strongly influenced by the human resource policies and procedures of the
delivery organization. Much has been written about dealing with people in the operations of an
ongoing enterprise; leading, communicating, delegating, motivating, team building, recruiting,
appraising, etc. Much of that knowledge is directly applicable to leading and managing people in
a project environment and the project manager should be familiar with it.
However, the project manager must also be sensitive to the unique needs of the project
environment and as to how this general knowledge is applied in a different way than in the
operational environment of the ongoing enterprise.
The temporary nature of projects means that personal and organizational relationships
generally will also be temporary and, quite often, new. Staff-related project management
processes must address these transient relationships.
Both the nature and number of people involved in a project change as the project moves
through its life cycle. For example initially there will be limited number of staff in the
project and as we move along we induct more staff into the project. Staff management
processes must recognize and address these changing needs.
Published in PM World Today - July 2007 (Vol. IX, Issue VII)
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Hr Project Report Template