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Hr Project Report Template
Human resource management activities are often split between project management
and other managers within the performing organization. The scope of responsibility of
the project manager may lie somewhere between:
o An extended responsibility, including the selection of sourcing organizations,
obtaining staff and performance assessment.
o A limited responsibility focused on coordination with the permanent roles outside
the project such as the functional manager, the resource deployment manager
and/or the people development manager .
All the parties must understand and carefully adhere to the division of responsibilities that is in
force. All the processes here must be carefully interpreted based on the actual distribution of
responsibilities between the project manager and the other roles. In some companies there
may be a two managers for a team member – one the project manager who takes care of the
day-to-day work of the team member and provides feedback to others, second a people
manager who takes care of the people development aspects of the team member like
promotion, salary hike, career needs/interest. Ideally to my view a team member should have
only one Manager who should take care of everything (Project management and people
management) and should have no more than 14 people directly reporting to him. Again it
depends on many factors – company policies, location, style of functioning and project needs
Development of Human Resource Plan
Create human resource plan
Expand human resource plan
Define project team structure
A “human resource category” (for example, consultant, programmer, etc.) is a way of classifying
skills that is useful in matching resource requirements to particular people when developing the
human resource plan for a project. The Human resource plan contains for each human resource
category, information such as:
The number of staff required.
Costing information and assumptions.
When the staff are needed and for how long.
Any special skills required over and above those that people in the category would
normally be expected to have, as well as the required level of proficiency and the relative
importance of these skills.
Published in PM World Today - July 2007 (Vol. IX, Issue VII)
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Hr Project Report Template