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Hr Project Report Template
Training requirements needed specifically for the project, for example in a new
Office and materiel requirements
Plans for team-building activities.(Motivation management)
The following column shows a sample portion of the Human resource plan for a project.
o Human resource category
o Number of staff
o Cost assumptions
o When needed
o Till what date the staff is needed
o Special skills, if any
o Special needs, if any
o Training needs, if any
o Office and material equipment
The Human resource plan supports staff planning, staff acquisition, allocating resources to staff,
and supervising project specific training activities. A summary Human resource plan is created
for the entire project and managed by the project manager.
The formality with which the Human resource plan is created and documented is a reflection of
the size and complexity of the project. Typically, small projects do not require a formal plan. On
the other hand, large, multiyear, multilevel projects with many participants may require multiple
formal plans. The HRM plan is based on the project schedule.
The Project management schedule includes a summary of the effort by human resource
category (expressed in person hours, person days, etc.) that will be required to perform defined
work units, as well as the time frames during which the work units will be performed. For
example, the Project management schedule might indicate that 2000 hours of application
programmer skills are needed between 2 February and 31 December.
The Human resource plan uses the requirement for human resources to develop a plan for staff
acquisition. There is usually iteration between the development of the Project management
schedule and the Human resource plan as “reality” is applied during development of the Human
resource plan during the different phases of the project. For example, for a very large project, it
may be known that it is impossible to obtain the 200 programmers specified in the Project
management schedule during a particular time period. Therefore, the Project management
schedule will need to be changed to reflect this.
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Hr Project Report Template