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Hr Project Report Template
The Human resource plan may be revised when changes in the Project management schedule
for a project organizational unit result in a change in staffing requirements. Also, the results of
recruiting activities could impact the Human resource plan
Creation of human resource plan
This process may be used at several levels in the project organization.
Each project organizational unit that has a responsibility for staffing, controlling and allocating
staff related resources may create a Human resource plan.
Review the Project definition, the Organizational breakdown structure (OBS), and the
Technical environment plan to understand the situation for which the Human resource
plan will be created
Review the project documentation describing procedures for recruiting and staffing to
determine the human resource categories to be used and expected utilization factor for
the project.
Estimates are usually focused on project productive work and do not account for the overheads
that, to some extent, depend on the constituency. The utilization factor is used to take overhead
due to meetings, administration tasks etc. into account. Care should be taken to keep the scope
of the utilization factor consistent with what is defined as “availability” in the Human resource
Identify special skills that may be needed, beyond those defined for the human resource
For example, language-specific programming skills may be required for people in the
“programmer” class.
For each human resource category in the Project management schedule, validate the
number of resources needed.
Identify training requirements and add the training effort to the effort defined in the
Project management schedule for each human resource category.
Validate the number of available resources used in the Project management schedule
and adjust as necessary.
Here is an example of validation:
The effort defined in the Project management schedule is 980 person days and the
training effort required is 20 person days. The total effort, therefore, is 980 + 20 = 1000
person days.
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