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Hr Project Report Template
The utilization factor for the performing organization is 75% (or 0.75).
The adjusted effort is 1000 / 0.75 = 1333 person days.
The required elapsed time is 195 days (9 months).
The number of staff becomes 1333 / 195 = 7 (approximately).
Human resource category description should be developed to have an understanding of
the resources that are needed.
Judge how feasible it will be to obtain the required resources in the required time frame,
based on this understanding of the human resource category and the work to be
performed. Consider:
o The feasibility of acquiring the required numbers of people from the organization
or vendors.
o The feasibility of providing them with all the facilities such as technical
environment items, and workspace and of getting them up to speed.
o Pl note the minimum duration of the work given the total effort. For example, if
one person can write a 100 page document in 20 days, it does not mean that 5
people can write the same document in 4 days.
If necessary, revise the number of resources required by reworking the Project management
schedule to arrive at an acceptable staffing level. Identify cost assumptions for the human
resource category. Make initial determinations of where resources will be sourced.
o Internally in the organization
o Through an external source.
For internally-sourced resources, identify the desired skill level.
For externally-sourced resources, estimate a cost range for the human resource
Establish office and materiel needs for each human resource category.
Identify the specific office and materiel needs for each human resource category.
Review the physical office space that is to be provided, and determine whether the
space meets the anticipated needs of the team in terms of capacity and the physical
work environment.
Ensure that there is a balance between individual work space and group space for team
meetings and work sessions.
Finalize office and materiel requirements such as Desktop, network etc for each human
resource category, negotiating with the sponsor as required. Pl define what is to be
provided by the customer and what will be provided by the organization.
Identify any team-building activities that are already under consideration in this stage of
planning. Develop an initial list of those that are considered critical to the development of the
team such as providing for effective communications. (For example, establishing a “war room”)
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