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Hr Project Report Template
Outline the steps in team building for the project such as: develop the plan, conduct a kickoff
meeting. Assess the cost associated with the key activities and add this to the Cost plan.
Include the sponsor, contractors, customer staff, in team-building activities when appropriate.
Consider cost and the sensitivity of information shared as such activities when deciding who can
be included. Consolidate Human resource plans from each project organizational unit to create
the top-level Human resource plan for the entire project. Identify potential staffing conflicts or
Rework individual project organizational unit plans as required in order to smooth and balance
staffing across all levels within the project.
Expand human resource plan
The Human resource plan may need to be expanded each time the Project management
schedule is expanded, typically during Starting and at the end of each phase. Changes to
staffing requirements based on actual recruiting efforts may be handled in the Staff schedule but
may also have to be reflected in the Project management schedule.
Review the Project management schedule to determine what changes have occurred.
Changes can occur in the human resource category definitions, number of resources per
category, total effort, duration, and specific dates. It depends on the phase of the project like
concept, plan, develop, qualify and rollout.
Update the Human resource plan to reflect changes in human resource category definitions
and/or number of resources per category.
Evaluate the effect of the changes on staff acquisition plans.
For example, it might be possible to improve project productivity by recruiting fewer but more
experienced people than initially planned. But again it depends on the cost as moiré
experienced resource will cost higher than less experienced resource. There should be a
perfect mix of experienced and fresher in the team to balance the cost of the project.
Ideally the senior and critical resources should be shared across multiple projects and
used in a project for critical activities like design/architecture, planning, review and less
experienced resources should be used for coding, Unit testing and documentation.
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Hr Project Report Template