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Hr Project Report Template
Determine the impact of changes on required resources for each human resource category.
If the total effort or duration has changed, recalculate required resources and update Human
resource plan to reflect the change.
If dates have changed, update the Human resource plan to reflect the revised time frames.
If changes have an immediate or near-term effect, raise the appropriate Change requests.
Actions may include obtaining additional staff, and/or redeploying or releasing current staff
based on changed requirements.
Review the initial set of team building activities and look for areas that need to be expanded with
more detail and/or for new team building activities to plan as a result of changes to the Project
management schedule or changes to the project environment.
Document the team building activities in the Human resource plan. This includes the activity, the
schedule, and person responsible for coordination or implementation. Includes activities such
Team building exercises: site meetings, news letters, extended offsite meeting, sponsor
feedback/recognition events,
Communications: collocation, team “war room”, involving team members in planning or
establishing ground rules
Career: 1x1 with the team members, Quarterly career review(QCR)
Training: specific skill enhancements, expanding individual knowledge and capabilities
Business area specific activities might include: team satisfaction survey, individual
Define Project team structure
The purpose of this process is to define an effective team structure for a project organizational
unit. The team structure defines the roles, responsibilities and relationships of the people
managing and working within a project organizational unit. An appropriate team structure will
help to optimize the efforts of the team and the success of the project. An inappropriate one can
undercut the efforts of a hard working group of people and impede their success.
This process is performed during Plan phase. Often, it is carried out by the functional
managers/Senior management responsible for the people who will staff the project. The project
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Hr Project Report Template