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Hr Project Report Template
manager should influence the functional managers to ensure that the team structure meets the
requirements of the project.
The first consideration in organizing a team is the objective of the team.
Has the team been asked to explore possibilities and alternatives Is the team charged with
solving a complex, poorly defined problem This is often the case with study projects or when
implementing a new technology.
Broadly, there are two different organizational approaches: In the normal approach, each team
is responsible for a specific set of activities and the work products move between the teams
according to a predefined work flow. The team members all have similar skills.
In the multidisciplinary approach, each team is responsible for completing some of the work
products. The team members have different skills and, possibly, are multi-skilled.
Certain project approaches favor certain team structures. For example, rapid application
development (RAD) works best with multidisciplinary teams.
It is necessary to have a team structure so that all the members of the project understand their
roles and their working and reporting relationships. However, all team structures introduce some
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Hr Project Report Template