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Hr Project Report Template
measure of inflexibility. It is important to understand that there is no “right” team structure for a
project and that usually it depends on the organizational requirements and needs of the project.
Review the Project definition to understand the overall project objectives and context.
Review the Organizational breakdown structure (OBS) and the Work breakdown structure
(WBS) to understand what the project organizational unit that is being structured must
Determine the appropriate team model for the unit by considering the broad objective(s) of the
unit and, if applicable, the work patterns that have been selected. Note that several models
may apply if the project organizational unit has several objectives.
Plan the number of team(s) within the project organizational unit and how the responsibilities of
the organizational unit will be split between the teams. Consider how the teams will be managed
within the organizational unit. Estimate the size of each team and determine the skills that each
team will require. The “right” number of people in a team depends on factors such as the nature
of the work.
Consider carefully how skills that are known to be expensive and/or in short supply should best
be deployed. Document the roles and responsibilities of each of the teams within the project
organizational unit in the OBS.
Acquiring staff
This function includes processes to:
Identify potential sources (external/department in the organization) of project staff.
Define skill and activity descriptions that can be used by recruiters and resource
managers to obtain staff from appropriate sourcing organizations.
Select staff for the project.
Finding the:
right people,
with appropriate skills,
available when needed,
for the right duration,
within planned costs
can be a daunting and time-consuming challenge. Let us look at the process below.
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Hr Project Report Template