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Hr Quarterly Report Template
Author: Sue Smith, Deputy HR Director (Operations)
Document Approved by: Lynn Vaughan, Director of Human Resources
Date: 16 April 2012
Version: Final
Agenda Item : 13 Page 4 of 11
Feb-12 (Month 11) Position
Month Actual (%)
Variance from Trust
in Post
WTE Budgeted
4.5 0.5 3259.7 3413.1
Trust / Division Position
Vacancy Rate (%)
Vacancy Rate (%)
Vacancy Rate (WTE)
Trust 3.7 4.5 153.5
Corporate 4.4 5.9 20.8
Facilities 9.1 9.2 38.4
Medicine 3.1 4.7 62.4
Surgery 2.4 2.7 35.3
This report defines a vacancy as the difference between budgeted establishment and contracted staff in post
as at the last day in the month. It doesn’t take into account future agreed hires and is therefore a snapshot
at a given point in time;
From a HR perspective, the vacancy rate is effectively a measure of workload, as inefficiencies in filling
vacancies can incur additional workload on remaining team members and effect team motivation, morale
and increase health and safety pressures;
Current recruitment activity shows that the Trust is seeking to maintain its current establishment levels,
which has been reflected through the business planning process;
The Trust continues to experience the highest level of vacancies within the Nursing Workforce, particularly
within the Medical Division where a centrally co-ordinated recruitment campaign is in progress to address
both current vacancies & future workforce developments concerning the Trust bed base.
3. Operational Gap
Trust / Division Position
Operational Gap (%)
Operational Gap (%)
Operational Gap (%)
Trust 5.1 3.1 3.4
Corporate 1.6 4.3 -4.2
Facilities 7.6 6.0 7.3
Medicine 6.1 3.0 2.5
Surgery 4.4 2.2 5.1
The Operational Gap identifies the element of the workforce which is absent through Maternity / Paternity
Leave, Sickness absence or other forms of unpaid leave;
The Operating Gap represents an additional pressure on the substantive workforce which will have an effect
on the morale & health and wellbeing of staff in areas where the Gap is particularly high;
The Operating Gap primarily concerns short term absences / pressures which can be addressed through
internal cover arrangements and Bank usage, in line with the revised guidance for the use of Bank &
Agency, although in cases of Maternity Leave, for example, Divisions have successfully utilised Fixed Term
contracts to address longer known periods of absence.
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Hr Quarterly Report Template