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Hr Quarterly Report Template
Author: Sue Smith, Deputy HR Director (Operations)
Document Approved by: Lynn Vaughan, Director of Human Resources
Date: 16 April 2012
Version: Final
Agenda Item : 13 Page 5 of 11
4. Agency, Bank & Locum Spend as a percentage of pay budget (YTD)
Feb-12 (Month 11) Position
Total Spend Feb-12 YTD
Locum (M&D)
0.06m 0.65m
Agency 0.18m 1.98m
0.46m 4.59m
Total 0.69m 7.21m
The substantive bed base for Medicine and Surgery has been agreed + an additional 28 flexible beds
Recruitment plans are now in place to cover all substantive beds
Bank, annualised hours and pool nurses will be recruited to cover the flexible beds
5. Working Time Directive
Staff Group (Feb-12)
Employees above 48hr
Working Week
Agenda for Change * 46
Consultants & Trust Doctors 27
Junior Doctors 0
*calculated over a reference period of Oct-11 - Feb-12
All employees breaching WTD regulations have been contacted by their HR lead and given a copy of the
WTD Policy requirements, in particular the need to clarify their opt out position.
All managers where WTD breaches are occurring have been copied into the above correspondence and
offered support by the operational HR team to review current working practice and take action as
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